The group of men who had the original inspiration for an initiation weekend wanted to create a safe and supportive environment within which a ceremony for men and young fellas would mark their conscious passage into manhood. Since its birth in 1993 the form and content of that Ceremony and the Weekend as a whole continues to evolve through the accumulated experience of the men who continue to return.

The people who run the weekends are inspired, dedicated men who recognise a common need in their lives and in the lives of other men around them. They have all previously attended the weekend, and they return to help facilitate the process for others. The weekends are run not-for-profit and the facilitators volunteer their time to make it happen.

The group of men running a weekend changes each time but always includes a core group of men who have been many times, some since the beginning.

The group, it's ideas and the activities of the weekend are not affiliated with any organisation, institution or religion, rather they come from a diverse range of backgrounds, personal experiences, interests and points of view.