The KI Weekend is about you reflecting on the man you are and choose to be.

Deep in the heart of the natural world of South Australia's Kangaroo Island (KI), un-plugged and away from routine life the weekend is an opportunity to engage with other men and experiences that lead you to reflect on your sense of who you are as a grown man or as a young-fella on the road to manhood.

Though the time is short, the experience is full and engaging as it invites you to connect as a group, learning about yourself and others through shared stories of the everyday and the profound.

Safe and thoughtful Initiations which mark a male's passage from boyhood to manhood are largely missing from our culture, so at the centre of the weekend is a ceremony that challenges and affirms the man you choose to be.

The weekend is for men of all ages, backgrounds and experience. There are fathers with teenage sons, fathers and men without sons and sons without fathers.  

Take a look around the website and if the ideas you find here inspire you, join us for our next weekend away.